SV Partners Forensics is a leading forensic accounting division that brings unsurpassed professional expertise to each assignment.

SV Partners provides the perspective you need to favourably resolve negotiations, settle litigation, protect your assets and reduce business risk. Providing independent expert advice distilled from years of expertise, a wide range of knowledge and data, our reports allow you to view your problem from a different point of view.

On time and on budget, the SV Partners Forensic team will provide you with the relevant facts through considered reports, analysis and advice. We are specialists in business, entity and superannuation valuations, family law, fraud prevention and investigation, assessment of economic loss, commercial litigation and reviews of internal controls.

Experienced in most Australian jurisdictions, our expert reports make complex issues easier to understand, assisting the court by expressing our unbiased opinions.

Our specialist services

We provide a range of specialist services in:

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Our Forensic Experts:

Brett Goodyer

Director, Forensics


Ross Mottershead

Director, Forensics

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