business & entity valuations

At one time or another, a valuation of a business or company will be required for a variety of purposes. In all such instances independent, unbiased and supportable valuations are essential.

SV Partners provides business valuation reports for family law, commercial litigation and for general appraisal purposes. Our business valuations and valuation review services can be divided as follows:

Preliminary business or entity valuation
A preliminary valuation report is an indication of the value of a business or entity for the purpose of potential settlement discussion and negotiation. It would not include as much research as a business valuation expert report and is not suitable for court purposes.
Business or entity valuation expert report
An expert business valuation report will provide a thoroughly researched and documented value for the business or entity. Whilst we would ordinarily provide a range of values, this range will be significantly narrower than a preliminary report. An expert report will provide an accurate assessment of the business for court purposes, abiding by all the relevant standards and court codes of conduct.
Expert report review and shadow expert reports
In matters where you have received an opposing party's valuation or a single expert report that needs to be reviewed, SV Partners can provide you with insights into the methodology utilised and reasonableness of assumptions, rates applied and values derived. Our advice can be provided orally or in writing and will also include any noted deficiencies, omissions or matters for further investigation.

We provide our clients with an objective and defensible opinion of the value of the entity in question. Our valuations combine expertise with leading valuation and corporate finance knowledge. Please contact a member of our Forensics team if you would like more information on how we can assist you with Valuation services.


Our Forensic Experts:

Brett Goodyer

Director, Forensics


Ross Mottershead

Director, Forensics

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