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               Legal Update - No setting-off unfair preferences
                    ARITA Article-No setting-off unfair preferences
               Limiting foreign influences on Australian maritime liens
               Proving-up solvency: dont rely on presumptions
               Unfair loan claims: practically useless?
               The relation-back day under the new Insolvency Law Reform Act
               Prove Insolvency, Don't Just Rely on Presumptions
               Ensuring Adequacy of Company Financial Records
               Limiting the scope of Hussain v CSR Building Products
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          AMBC / SV Partners Breakfast Seminar Flight Centre Voucher Competition
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               Guide to Corporate Voidable Transactions
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                    Unfair Loans
                    Defending voidable transactions
               Guide to Bankruptcy Voidable Transactions
               Guide to Insolvent Trading
                Time period for unfair preference payments to unrelated creditors
               The time period for all voidable claims
               Voidables Tree Diagram
          Commercial Risk Outlook Report
               Commercial Risk Outlook Report - March 2017
               Commercial Risk Outlook Report - August 2016
               Commercial Risk Outlook Report - March 2016
               Commercial Risk Outlook Report - August 2017

News Articles

     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 016
          Thanks from the MD, Terry van der Velde
          An Addition to the SV Partners NSW Team
          Changing Landscapes
          We put the Diligence in Business
          PPSA Dilemmas Continue
          Realistic Budgets
          20% of Accounting Services Providers Have Average to Severe Risk of Financial Failure
     For Sale: Thredbonet Marketing Pty Ltd
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 015
          ATO News
          Are referrals going somewhere else?
          An SV promotion in our NSW team
          To wind up, or to deregister?
          I am in Liquidation. How?
          Insolvent Deceased Estates - How the Bankruptcy Act Can Help
          When is diligence due?
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 014
          Dealing with Unmanageable Personal Debt - Settlements with Creditors
          ATO Annual Report
          Setting aside a bankruptcy notice
          A smart approach to positive cashflow in January
          Bankruptcy: 'secured creditor' found wanting
          Australian Accountants, Lawyers & Directors Conference (AALDC)
     New strategic partnership for IODM
     For Sale: B & J Tyre and Maintenance Services Pty Ltd
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 013
          Insolvent Trading...Directors Beware!
          Compulsory Acquisitions - Moving Swiftly to Secure the Future
          Commercial Risk Report Summary
          Statutory Demands
          Changes to NSW Strata Laws
          Dealing with Unmanageable Personal Debt... What are your Options?
          The Doctrine of Exoneration and how it can Salvage More than a Draw
     SV Partners releases IM for Eagle Boys sale
     More big retail names predicted to face financial failure
     SV Partners Appointed Voluntary Administrators of Eagle Boys Dial-a-Pizza
     SV Partners aligns with Accounting Industry Research, Education and Software Solutions Company - Bstar
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 012
          Reducing the taxation burden in financial settlements
          Myth Busting Time - Is perception stopping you getting paid?
          Australian Accountants, Lawyers & Directors Conference (AALDC)
          The Good faith defence to an unfair preference claim brought by a liquidator
          How property matters in Bankruptcy
          A mining company's successful business turnaround
          Personal Insolvency Reform - Back to the Future?
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 011
          Forge, Turbines and the PPSA
          Case Study - Debt settlement with a bank
          Lessons from the field - What are other firms doing to get paid?
          FinTech's - What are they and how are they shaping the banking and financial services sector?
          What is Goodwill, and how to quantify its value
          Boom, Bust and Bankruptcy - the consequences of doomed property investments
     Commercial Risk Outlook Report March 2016
     Surviving the Christmas Cash Flow Hangover
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 010
          Changes Expected in November 2015 to Public Disclosure of Part IX Debtor Records
          ATO Getting Funky with Collection Processes
          Administration and Liquidation: when is an individual deemed to be an employee or contractor?
          Is your business thriving or just surviving?
          It's time to sell - the importance of business valuations
          Protected and exempt monies - more than meets the eye!
          Contingent Creditors - what powers and protections are afforded to them
     Adjudication Determinations - the limitations of enforcement
     Time period for unfair preference payments to unrelated creditors
     Important Changes from 1 October to the PPSA 90 day lease rule - serial numbered goods
     ATO crackdown on SMSF trustees in breach of Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act
     Personal Insolvency levels continue to fall in the 2014 - 2015 financial year
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 009
          Promotion in Sydney Office
          Australian Accountants, Lawyers & Directors Conference (AALDC) Aspen, Colorado: 7 to 14 January 2016 - Early Booking Discount Extended
          Liquidators voiding asset transfers and security interests
          Negotiating with creditors - how to review your financial position
          Contract Disputes - When a Single Piece of Paper Counts
          Take control of your debtors - More options equals no option
          Superannuation and life insurance - am I protected in the event of bankruptcy?
     AALDC 2016 - Registrations now open
     Important changes to the building licensing laws from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission
     The Layby Store PL (In Liquidation)
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 008
          The Importance of Shareholder Agreements
          Voidable Recoveries - Negotiating Commercial Settlements
          Upcoming Events
          Corporate Insolvency levels continue to fall, following the latest ASIC statistics
          Northern Queensland struggling in the wake of the resources downturn
          Post-Bankruptcy Income and After Acquired Property - Beware the Pitfalls!
     Superannuation a focus for earlier ATO enforcement action
     How to protect your SMSF during a divorce
     Italian Forum Limited - Meeting of Creditors on 29 April 2015
     Personal Insolvency levels across Australia continue to fall, according to the latest statistics from AFSA
     Corporate Insolvencies at their lowest level since March 2007
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 007
          The Property Forum - NSW and Sydney
          Commercial damages - how to protect your business
          SV Partners to strengthen presence in Mackay
          Wineries left dry after failing to register on the PPSR
          Privacy Law Reforms - are your clients compliant?
      Timbercorp and Great Southern: It's Crunch Time
     Unemployment or loss of income was the most common cause of personal insolvency in 2013-14
     Corporate insolvency falls 16.2% in September 2014 quarter
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 006
          AFSA - Personal Insolvency by Postcode 2013 - 2014
          Australian Accountants, Lawyers & Directors Conference (AALDC) January 2015, Aspen, Colorado still time to register
          International Forensic Accounting Case Study - No stone left unturned
          Asset protection and business structuring
          Hall Funding - Trusted Fee Funding services for professionals
          Director responsibilities and duties - expectations from ASIC and shareholders
     Italian Forum Limited - Meeting of Creditors on 19 November 2014
     Congratulations to our newest Director, Matthew Bookless
     Corporate and Personal Insolvency 2014 Year End Statistics
     Are your Superannuation investments secure?
     Say hello ATO - Compliance Activity targets allocation of profits within professional services
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 005
          Subrogation of Debt in light of the Dalma Case
          Australian Accountants, Lawyers & Directors Conference 2015 - Register Now
          Shades of grey in business valuations
          Turnaround Management - Assisting with cash flow and loss of income
          ATO compliance and recovery action - ATO Audits
          Accessing Superannuation Funds during financial hardship
     The increasing costs of divorce - Unpalatable Taxation Liability
     Corporate Insolvencies rise while Personal insolvencies fall during the June quarter 2014
     Failing to register on the PPSR could cost APR Energy $50 million
     ATO Compliance - Recovery Action
     PPSR Activity for June quarter 2014
     Bankruptcies at their lowest levels since 1995
     Italian Forum Limited - Meeting of Creditors on 30 June 2014
     Shine Lifestyle Group Pty Ltd (In Liquidation)
     Advancetech liquidation
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 004
          Changes to the Fair Entitlements Guarantee Scheme (FEG)
          Without a shadow of doubt - The 'single expert' regime
          Make sure you register your security interests on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)
          Construction alert: Changes to the QLD Security of Payment Legislation
          Retention of Title and the Personal Property and Security Act
          Issues to consider before you decide to outsource legal services
          Proposed ASFA changes for insolvency fees
          Relieving the burden on small business - Review of the Personal Property Securities Act
     Advancetech in liquidation
     Corporate Insolvencies fall during the March quarter 2014
     National rise in Personal Insolvency for March quarter 2014
     Meeting of Creditors - Italian Forum Limited
     Changes to the NSW SOPA Legislation
     Personal Insolvency rises in the March 2014 quarter
     Corporate Insolvency - Not as bad as you might think..
     Heeding the early warning signs for your clients financial health?
     Australian Accountants, Lawyers & Directors Conference (AALDC)
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 003
          ATO Crackdown on lack of compliance
          Personal Insolvency (bankruptcy) - most affected areas along the eastern seaboard
          Australian Accountants, Lawyers & Directors Conference (AALDC)
          Construction Alert: Corporations Act v Security of Payment Legislation
          Growth Through Opportunity Accountants Workshop
          Red Flag to a Bull (the tell tale signs of financial fraud can be that obvious)
          Practical tips for offering a fixed fee cost agreement
     ATO Compliance Notices - Directors Penalty Notice (DPN)
     SV Partners Appointed Voluntary Administrators of Dimmeys Stores
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 002
          PPSR Transitional Period
          Location In Focus - NSW West
          Goodwill Hunting: Distinguishing Personal Goodwill from Enterprise Goodwill
          Construction Alert: Changes to the NSW Security of Payment Legislation
          ASIC reveals which industries are suffering
          Failure to Disclose: Legal Costs Requirements
          Important Changes to SMSFs: A Warning for Trustees
     SV Partners' Quarterly Newsletter Issue 001
     Liquidators Duty of Care on sale of assets
     NSW Merger - A Win For Clients
     SV Partners Brand Update 2013
     Childcare centres to stay open
     Economic Pressures hit Local Businesses
     Big jump in Coast business failures
     Directors Liable for unpaid super
     Menu rewritten as Berowra Waters Inn joins casualty list
     Caught between rock and hard place
     McNaughtons company served eviction notice
     Where's my $65,000? Collapse stings local companies
     Mill power plant company set to go into liquidation
     Jobs lost with $2m owing
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